Product Name : Boton Bocut SS series Extreme Pressure Additive series
Product Description
  • SS-5
  • SS-10
  • SS-15
  • SS-20
Product Introduction
SS-5 An extreme pressure additive containing sulfur, chlorine and fat. Suitable for high speed and temperature working. The quality and colour of the newest additives are pure and light, that it wouldn’t pollute machines.
SS-10 Sulfur-based SUS tapping cutting additives. The maximum high pressure resistance, improving work efficiency and extending tool life.
SS-15 A synthetic additive without chlorine, which is enhanced non-polluting, odorless, and special esters. Not to endanger the human body. Extremely high pressure resistance.
SS-20 Outstanding precision finishing oil for bearings. Usually diluted by refined mineral oil, making the polishing material achieve a mirror-like effect