Product Name : Bocut NS Synthetic Ester Extreme Pressure series
Product Description
  • NS-7
  • NS-12
  • NS-13
  • NS-14
  • NS-25
  • NS-27
  • NS-32
  • NS-33
Product Introduction
Bocut NS Synthetic Ester Extreme Pressure seriesAppearanceViscosity
Copper corrosion
The amount of Extreme pressure agent
NS-7 Bearing materials with sawing machine processing, lengthening the lifetime of sawteeth and improving the accuracy of surface. Light yellow transparent 6.5 2 ++
NS-12 General turning and cutting out. With hydrogenated base oil, suitable for high speed hobbing. Light yellow transparent 20.2 2 ++
NS-13 Rotary and gun drilling aluminum alloy cast iron, BAT processing, tapping and reaming. Tan transparent 12.9 4 ++
NS-14 No chlorine. For gun Drill, BAT. Light brown transparent 15 1 ++
NS-25 Suitable for lathe cutting gear processing of Gleason, and high hardness material hobbing for differential gear. Light yellow transparent 22.1 1 ++
NS-27 Broaching, rolling, and shaving are active that can prevent the confirmation of new edge. Adequate for precision cutting of steel alloy, does not affect copper alloy. Auburn transparent 28.7 2 ++
NS-32 Gear cutting, may be used along with hydraulic lubrication, in particular for high-speed machining hobbing. Light yellow transparent 26.5 2 ++
NS-33 General steel and iron with turning, drilling and milling, being acceptable for multi-axis automatic lathes and other composite lathes. Auburn transparent 25 2 +