Product Name : Bocut HG Synthetic Ester Extreme Pressure series
Product Description
  • HG-5
  • HG-6
  • HG-7
  • HG-8
  • HG-9
  • HG-10
  • HG-18
  • HG-27
Product Introduction
Bocut HG Synthetic Ester Extreme Pressure seriesAppearanceViscosity
Copper corrosion
The amount of Extreme pressure agent
HG-5 The honing, low viscosity, good detergency of the FC material is suitable for super finishing. Golden yellow transparent 5 2 +
HG-6 Low-odor, super finishing oil. For bearing balls. Final polishing of finishing Golden yellow transparent 5.5 2 ++
HG-7 Heavy grinding oil, with Phosphorus. Suitable for the cutting of Ball joint and end milling cutter groove grinding. Light yellow transparent 7.5 2 +
HG-8 Diamond grinding wheel. Grinding of super hard tools and glass lenses. Golden yellow transparent 31 1 +
HG-9 The steel FC is honed with low viscosity and high ignition point, which is suitable for the processing surface roughness, grinding and honing processing and steel ball super finishing. Light yellow transparent 7.3 2 +
HG-10 Extremely low bearing track grinding viscosity. Suitable for aluminum parts processing. Precision grinding, good cleaning of the chips. Light yellow transparent 10.6 2 +
HG-18 LINDER thread grinding, RISE HOWER gear grinding. Preventing the rise of oil temperature and improving surface accuracy. Auburn transparent 18 2 +
HG-27 For thread grinding. Including sulfur bismuth extreme pressure agent with high reaction, to prevent burn cracks. Auburn transparent 27 2 +