Product Name : Bocut EP Synthetic Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure series
Product Description
  • EP-26
  • EP-28
  • EP-36
  • EP-100
  • EP-43
  • EP-111
Product Introduction
Bocut EP Synthetic Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure seriesAppearanceViscosity
Copper corrosion
The amount of Extreme pressure agent
EP-26 SUS automatic lathe processing. Containing a large amount of extreme pressure agent, applicable for scratching and broaching. Auburn transparent 25.1 4 +++
EP-28 Extremely large amount of extreme pressure agent that can lengthen the lifetime of tools. Excellent penetration for processing difficult materials. Auburn transparent 22.8 2 +++
EP-36 SUS automatic lathe. SUS tapping contains special extreme pressure agent, that can prevent guide bush got burned. Suitable for cutting of heat resistant steels. Tawny transparent 29.5 2 +++
EP-100 Containing special and lots of additives. Most suitable for turning processing. Auburn transparent 37.5 4 +++
EP-43 SUS automatic lathe with inactive cutting oil. Excellent lubricity, containing a large amount of oily agent and extreme pressure agent. Auburn transparent 32 2 +++
EP-111 Preventing the confirmation of new edge, suitable for SUS alloy steel Auburn transparent 29.5 4 +++