Product Name : Biostable BIO Microemulsified Bio-stabilized
Product Description
  • BIO 2000 CF
  • BIO 2000 A
  • BIO 2000H
  • BIO 4000A
  • BIO 4000EP
Product Introduction
Biostable BIO Microemulsi fied Bio-stabilizedPrimitive liquid /
Diluent 5%(appearance)
PH value test
5% diluent liquid
DIN51360P2 anti-rust test
Usage concentration
BIO 2000 CF No chlorine or boric acid. Good lubricity and high mineral oil. Suitable for machining of non-ferrous metals (such as copper, brass, aluminum) and low-iron alloys. Auburn /
Light yellow milky white
9.1 3.5 5-10%
BIO 2000 A The mechanical processing of cast iron, steel and aluminum has very good hydrophilic properties. Keep the machinery clean even got seriously polluted by oil leakage. Golden yellow /
Light yellow milky white
9.1 3 5-10%
BIO 2000H Special to aluminum and steel. Especially to aluminum’s surface accuracy, even used for bismuth-containing ingredients <1%, it’s still excellent in anti-hard water and good in defoaming property. Golden yellow /
Light milky white
9.1 3.5 5-10%
BIO 4000A Suitable for difficult processing materials, SUS heat-resistant steel, titanium alloy, tapping broaching, absolutely extending tool life, replacing oily cutting oils. Auburn /
Milky white
9.0 3 5-15%
BIO 4000EP No borax acid. High added treatment products, suitable for mechanical processing of high-grade alloy steel, especially to aluminum tube centerless grinding. Auburn /
Milky white
9.0 4.5 4-10%