Product Name : Semisynthetic Bio-stabilized
Product Description
  • S-520EP
  • S-525V
  • S-530A
  • S-535
  • S-540A
  • S-550A
Product Introduction
Semisynthetic Bio-stabilizedPrimitive liquid/
Diluent 5%(appearance)
PH value test
5% diluent liquid
DIN51360P2 anti-rust test
Usage concentration
S-520EP Cooling concentrate with high anti-corrosion properties for general cast iron, steel, aluminum cutting and stainless steel grinding. Golden yellow /
Light white translucent
9.3 2.5 3-5%
S-525V Suitable for general cutting of steel, cast iron and aluminum with high efficiency content and washing and wetting characteristics. Golden yellow /
Light white translucent
9.2 2.5 3-5%
S-530A High-efficiency coolant for general steel processing. Suitable for the mixing of cast iron, steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. Light brown /
Light yellow translucent
9.2 3 4-5%
S-535 A bio-stable coolant with extreme pressure agent for processing aluminum, steel, cast iron and high steel sheets. Light brown /
Light yellow and white translucent
9.2 3.5 4-8%
S-540A High performance universal coolant for cast iron, steel and aluminum processing. Yellowish brown /
Light yellow and white transparent
9.2 3 4-6%
S-550A Suitable for the processing of cast iron, steel and aluminum. Good wetting properties and machine cleaning maintenance, even got highly polluted. If the water hardness is above 20Dh, it can still reduce the formation of calcium soap. Auburn /
Milky yellow translucent
9.5 3 5-10%