Product Name : Lubricants series
Product Description
  • Hivis HVLP ISO:32-150 energy-saving hydraulic oil
  • Hivis AW HLP ISO:32-680 wear resistance hydraulic oil
  • Hivis Fluid FC,DU series, fireproof hydraulic oil
  • Hivis HV ISO: 5 10 22 high-speed spindle oil
  • Sideway BW ISO:32 68 220 slippery oil
  • Girex SW NG ISO: 32-680 gear oil
  • Screw AS, RA Air compressor oil
  • Heat tranferI SO:32 46 68 Heat transfer oil
  • Refrigerator KM SP series Refrigeration oil
  • EDM Fluid E.S series Electric discharge oil
  • Moly GREASE Molybdenum disulfide grease
Product Introduction
Hivis HVLP
Energy-saving hydraulic oil
By-passing second hydrogenation treatment, ultra-high viscosity index, contains abrasion adjusting agent, high temperature and abrasion resistance. Can avoid stick-slip and rust on the cover. Mechanically operates under drastic temperature changes which complies with DIN51524-3. X-type stands for operating environment for all seasons
Hivis AW HLP
Wear-resistant hydraulic oil
Contains anti-wear, thermal stability and resistance to emulsification. Excellent rust and corrosion resistance. No damage to seal cover. Can be used in heavy duty vehicles, industrial high-pressure hydraulic system gear, bearing lubrication, and the ones fit in high performance requirements of DIN 51524-2 HLP. R-type is applicable for general circulation system.
Hivis Fluid
FC,DU series
Fire-resistant hydraulic oil
Flame-resistant hydraulic oil with high chemical stability, excellent corrosion resistance and lubricity. Good and stable operation even under high shear and high pressure. FC is a type of water glycol. DU is a synthetic fire-resistant hydraulic oil that can withstand extremely severe operations. Currently the best fire-resistant hydraulic oil. Met: DIN 51502.
Hivis HV
ISO: 5 10 22
High-speed spindle oil
Applicable to high-speed shaft lubrication, especially suitable for high-speed machine and textile machinery. Excellent oxidation stability. Prevents sticky scale and discoloration, good rust prevention and water resistance ability. Does not corrode the oil seal and meets the specifications required by SKF LANDIS precision spindle manufacturers.
Sideway BW
ISO:32 68 220
Slideway oil
Separates water and oil. Does not cause slimy deposits on the slideways. Suitable for vertical and horizontal slideways, precision machine tool pole bearings, anti-wear road oils and machine tool gearboxes. G stands for enhanced heavy load. B is compatible with hydraulic system and meets the standard of CINCINNATI MILACRON P47,P50,P53. N stands for medium load.
Girex SW NG
ISO: 32-680
Gear oil
Extreme pressure gear oil. Does not contain lead. Waterproof, anti-foam, anti-wear and anti-corrosion. Remarkable functions in noise reduction and reducing friction value. Applicable for reduction gears, heavy gears and general flat ball bearings, and industrial gear oil above temperature of 100 ° C. MG type contains molybdenum disulfide and meets FZG level 12 specification of DIN 51517CLP.
Screw AS, RA
Air-compressor oil
Highly refined. Excellent oxidative stability. Works in operating environment under temperature of -10 ° to 220 ° C. Works for screw and reciprocating compressor. AS stands for Synthesis. Change Oil in every 8000 hours.
Heat tranferI
SO:32 46 68
Heat transfer oil
Formulated from high viscosity paraffin. With good high thermal stability. Equipped in a closed cycle system with expansion tanks. S type stands for synthetic. Meets temperature up to 370 ° C.
KM SP series
Refrigeration compressor oil
The oil is based on selected Naphthenic. SC type is synthetic. Good chemical stability, wax free, compatible with general freon and ammonia. Does not form wax nor block the freezing system even operates under low temperature. Met: DIN 50503 or LDR LDS
EDM Fluid
E.S series
Electric discharge oil
Uses hydrocarbon as the base oil, low viscosity, highly refined, colorless and transparent. High stability of oxidation, aromatic free, non-toxic, odorless. S type is synthetic. Recommended by Swiss Agie, Charmille EDM manufacturer.
Moly GREASE A unique schockproof grease. Good anti-wear characteristic and outstanding anti-wear protection. Suitable for mechanical equipment. Provides the best abrasion protection.