Product Name : Drainage type
Product Description
  • P-301A
  • P-303
  • P-307K
  • P-313A
  • P-601
  • P-603
Product Introduction
ItemsFeatures & main purposeMembrane conditionTerms
P-301A Good water replacement quality. Cleaning and rust prevention of general mechanical grinding parts. Dry-soft membrane Short term
P-303 Membrane removal characteristic, oil stain resistance, car components. Soft membrane Mid-term
P-307K Oil stain resistance. For the export of precision mechanical bearing cast iron parts. (H) is the oil-light type. Soft membrane Medium-long term
P-313A Quick drying, oil stain and rainwater resistance features. Soft membrane Medium-long term
P-601 Lubricating properties. Long-term preservation of mold machinery parts. Soft membrane Long term
P-603 Nearly colorless film, for the castings which required non-polluted. Export of mechanical finished products Semi-hard membrane Long term