R&D is one of the key success factors of BOTON. Our team is made up of experts with extensive knowledge and strong engineering background. The research and development of new products and quality inspection of metal processing lubricants are done through professional inspection equipment, perfect testing process and extensive technical experiences. In order to monitor the quality of product and maintain high-efficiency metal processing lubricants, we continuously improve the design of products and innovate to meet customers’ needs in all aspects including but not limited to safety, trust, and quality. On top of that, we actively participate in the international conferences to maintain the technical and international standards.


Taiwan Fimitech continuously improves the quality of the products and expands the markets in China, Japan, India, Canada, North America, Europe, and Australia. Our R&D team engages in product research and development with academic institutions. In response to market changes and intense competition, we promotes the diversification of products to extend scale of our business. The integrity and customer care are the priority of our management. Our vision is to achieve globalization, popularization, localization and sustainability of Taiwanese metal processing oil products!