Taiwan Fimitech Co., LTD. was founded in 1984 headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, the region with the highest density for machinery plants. Since the establishment, we have been dedicated to provide professional services for lubrication applications in various fields of industry. Our sales services include metal processing oils, heavy machinery oils, and high-end special lubricant products.

To provide high-quality products and technical supports to clients, Taiwan Fimitech has established a close partnership and became the regional agent of Bechem, founded in 1834, the first multinational company in Germany specializes in research and development of “Tribology”. Bechem has the worldwide reputation of high-performance products strictly in line with international EU environmental protection regulations. Bechem was bought into the market with hope of promoting the environmental awareness in industry in Taiwan as well as achieving the goal of sustainability.

Taiwan Fimitech has accumulated experience and technical skills throughout the decades. We imported high-end technology from Germany. Tremendous investment has been made on factory and facilities for the purpose of innovation, research and development, and quality control of the products. We have established deep roots and connection in Taiwan with domestic brand “Boton”. We provide the best product service and we customize based on Taiwanese metal processing conditions. Nowadays, Taiwan Fimitech has earned the reputation with its high quality products. Boton has also extended the market to to China, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets.


Taiwan Fimitech currently sells the products of Bechem, Boton and Formosa. We provide numerous choices to meet the needs of diverse industry. In addition, we values the manpower and promotes excellent sales service. To assure timely and high-quality after-sales service to our clients, additional service standpoints were added in north of Taiwan (Pingzhen, Taoyuan) and south of Taiwan (Kaohsiung & Tainan).